Balanced mode radiators (BMR's)

The tables below show the currently available BMR drivers. These combine bending wave technology with pistonic motion to create full audio range, wide-dispersion speaker drivers for life-like sound reproduction.

Part No. Continuous Power Rating Short-term Power Rating Nominal Impedance Notes Maximum Outside Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Mass (g) Datasheet
Square BMRs
HIBM36S05-45W40W4 ohm 5W Square BMR58 x 5820.665Download
HIBM36S05-85W40W8 ohm5W Square BMR58 x 5820.665Download
HIBM36S12-4/A12W96W4 ohm 12W Square BMR65 x 6525.794Download
HIBM36S12-8/A12W96W8 ohm 12W Square BMR65 x 6525.794Download
Round BMRs
HIBM65C20F-420W160W4 ohm-10856.82685Download
HIBM65C20F-820W160W8 ohm-10856.82685Download
High aspect ratio (HARP) BMRs
HIBM98H10M-810W80W8 ohm10W HARP BMR97 x 292862Download
HIBM130H10-610W80W6 ohm10W HARP BMR131 x 293095Download
HIBM130H10-8/LP10W80W8 ohm10W HARP BMR131 x 292170Download