Farina outer ear audio conduction

Farina is a new class of audio transducer and delivers music and speech to the user by precisely controlling vibrations to the outer ear, turning the pinna itself into the loudspeaker.

The driver has been designed to embed seamlessly into the frame of sports and augmented reality glasses to create rich audio with strong bass for the user whilst cycling or walking; and in 3D glasses to enable a 3D audio effect without the need for addition side or rear speakers.

Unlike ear buds, the Farina does not obstruct the ear canal meaning outside noise can be clearly heard and also unlike ear buds, Farina doesn't create sound pressure spikes that can lead to hearing damage.

With a threefold rise in headphone related pedestrian deaths in the US between 2005 and 2011, a 7pc annual rise in cycling deaths in the UK and nearly a third of urban cyclists ignoring safety warnings and riding with headphones Farina has a significant potential to improve safety for consumers.

It is designed for use in audio, video, augmented reality and gaming applications.

HiWave is developing additional reference designs that incorporate Bluetooth, low power amplifier and battery onto the arm of a pair of glasses. For a data sheet please contact Caroline O'Brien - sales@hiwave.com