Bending Waves and Human Interface

Whether a computer, a mobile phone or an AV entertainment system, the interaction of the device with its user makes or breaks a product. Overbearing user experience delivery quickly becomes tiresome, and the ideal user sensation is one that is so natural and lifelike that is imperceptible yet enriches the use of the product. HiWave specialises in the audio and tactile spectra of human interface, and is a world-leader in technologies in this sector.

HiWave is a pioneer in the use of Bending Wave Physics to create human interface products in the tactile and audio range of the spectrum (typically 0Hz to 25kHz). The science of bending waves demands a mathematical understanding of behaviour of vibration patterns in a surface, and in particular the ability to calculate the optimal position on a panel of any shape and form to excite it for best audio clarity and volume. HiWave has a series of patents relating to the means of determining optimal response.

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