Haptic - Exciter products

HiWave offers combined haptic touch and audio exciters for touch panels and screens in industrial, home automation, automotive and consumer electronic products. Applications include pad computers, hand-held and integrated displays and controllers. When used with HiWave driver modules, a pair of HIHX14C exciters disperses bending waves evenly across the surface of touch panels so that users experience the effect of depressing mechanical keys when touching the panel surface. The simulated mechanical movement enhances the human interface enabling faster and more accurate keystrokes.

The same transducers simultaneously convert the touch screens into flat panel loudspeakers with nominally flat response from 200Hz to 15kHz. This eliminates additional loudspeakers and amplifiers, enabling more compact products with fewer components to be designed. It also reduces bill-of-materials and manufacturing costs.

The exciters are designed for use with touch screens up to 19” and are available in 1W or 2W (RMS) versions with nominal drive impedances of 4, 8, 16, or 32 Ohms. Each consists of a 14mm diameter voice coil mounted on plastic suspension. Overall height is just 11mm.

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