Press release

HiWave exciters turn windows into high-power wide-range stereo speakers

Cambridge, UK, October 28, 2011: HiWave Technologies PLC, the provider of electronic solutions for audio and haptic touch, has announced a high power, modal exciter that generates high quality audio from high impedance substrates such as glass, metal and wood – see video.

The HIAX32C20 exciters deliver loud, clear 20W continuous (40W burst) stereo music from display panels or windows. The exciters can be driven by a variety of audio amplifier topologies; this includes HiWave’s Audium amplifiers allowing it to run from a single AA battery.

The exciters are ideally suited to outdoor event, marketing and home entertainment applications.

HiWave is working with OEMs to develop interactive school whiteboards, in-store advertising, digital signage and industrial audio applications.

By attaching the exciters directly to the reverse of a mirror or a metal / wood mounted artwork, users can create discrete audio systems for commercial or domestic settings.

To drive high levels of bending wave energy into high impedance materials the 32mm voice coil exciters have been designed to deliver an exceptionally strong low-frequency response, with a bass-boosting peak, typically between 100Hz and 200Hz, and useful output to 10kHz and above.

To prevent the acoustic roll-off occurring below the resonant frequency of the panel, the HIAX32C20 moving coil exciters are intentionally resonant and include an additional suspension system - designed to have an appropriate spring constant - and damping. This enables a broad resonance to be observed at a specific frequency, generating additional low frequency output.

Sampling now, the HIAX32C20 devices will be available for OEMs in mass production quantities from November priced at $22 in 100 unit quantities.