HiWave was created in late 2010 as the rebirth of NXT, commercially exploiting its many years of IP development and creating an impressive product portfolio.

With its origins in the UK-based hi-fi industry, NXT was able to create Intellectual Property enabling excitation of many sizes, shapes and types of surface to create conformal and panel speakers.

Further development of the technology created Balanced Mode Radiators, a full-range wide-angle speaker driver delivering true-to-life audio reproduction. The ability to handle low frequencies enables sub-audio waveforms to be utilised in tactile, or haptic feedback, and NXTʼs technology proved to offer superlative solutions for haptic response in touch screens and panels. The technological realisation of Bending Wave Physics encompasses the software, hardware and transducer technology required to deliver top quality audio and haptic solutions to consumer, computing, automotive, industrial and aerospace market sectors.